Sudoku it is not

Well, it *finally* snowed in Cho-ville. Real, honest to goodness snowed. It was particularly lovely to wake up to everything covered in white. And, go to bed knowing the Cho-boys had a day off was even better.
After a delicious pancake and bananas breakfast, they went to frolic outside, and I set to purging a few closets. That just made me cranky, though, so I started to troll the internets for amusement.
I feel I have found something very worth sharing. The trolling came about searching for Gooey Louie™, a beloved and simply stupid game I gave a friend forever ago. It consists of a plastic head (Louie) and gooeys (aka boogers) you put in his head. The game then has you stick your finger up his nose and remove a booger. Oh, excuse me, "gooey". One special gooey is rigged to make his brain pop out of his head. I kid you not! See review here.
Turns out, the smart folks at Pressman's figured out a way to improve ol' Louie, as he now talks and his brain AND his eyes pop out. WOW!

So this particular internet tangent lead me to the mecca of all silly games sites. Really, all in one place? I can hardly contain my amusement! Here are a few highlights, but you really must check it out yourself.
To begin,

a yodeling pickle
as if talking pickles weren't enough!


Oh! to choose is torture!
Really, today, bacon is bound to win, I don't care what tofu and his monocle unleashes in the wake of second place, but snow day = bacon hands down.

And finally (well, I had to stop somewhere)

Poor poor piggy. I am not sure what motivated this toy, it goes from unrecognizable mush to pig-shaped in minutes! But, well, I color it Fun!

Now off you go - there's loads more to explore. I feel a game night comin' on.

My My My

Happy 2009 Y'all!
Just one more day until we swear in our President-Elect, Barack Obama. I am busy printing out free posters and obamicon-ing myself on Facebook.

What else have I been up to? Hmmm. The winter holidays have long since passed, although, ahem, I have a few things to send out. Yea, I'm bad. However, I did make a few presents this year, and they were all sorts of fun to do.
vanilla was simple fun AND useful and if you are closely related to me and haven't received yours, well, consider yourself un-surprised now. oops. I am not sure why putting something in a box and taping it closed takes the energy akin to sawing through a redwood tree, but there you have it. I am blocked. No real excuses.
The other handmade items involved some Etsy inspiration (of which there is loads - checkout my favorites there and you'll see what I mean). Goosegrease kindly had for sale wooden peg doll blanks, and I patiently added up how many I would need. Lessee . . . 3 adult girl bodies, 3 adult boy bodies, 5 girl bodies, 2 large boy bodies, one small boy body. Did I leave anyone out? Her work is perfect and charming, and patiently reflects people she doesn't even know. I thought it was worth a try to render my sister's families on wood with tiny pots of bright acrylics.

I am having some knockdown drag out fight with iPhoto right now, so I can't actually share the finished product with you at the moment.

Moving on.
The next Holdiday is Valentine's Day. Another opportunity to craft! or not. Last year, the girls and I assembled at Elsie's house and cut, pasted, stamped and doodled to our hearts content. I suspect something similar is in order for this year. Although, I still have a stash of Fiendish Valentines and could mark another person off my list with a lottery win over at belladia's crafty crow blog. I actually Know My Vintage Valentine IRL, when we were much much (much) younger, mere shadows of our current fabulous selves. Her etsy store(s) are chock full of vintage finds and the Valentines are mighty tempting. It's hard to pick a favorite, as the contest requires, and throwing darts blindly at the computer screen is frowned upon, so I listened to my sappy vintage heart and went with the turtle.

My youngest boy's name starts with T, so turtles have been linked to him since birth. I even fashioned his moses basket lining from turtles fabric. So there you go, I made a decision and I am sticking with it. I also like this particular card because it's a "HI" Valentine, no faux sentimental request to Be Mine or declaring You're Sweet, just a hey, howareya, it's February 14th and well, Hi.

In case you are wondering, the runner up was the teacher valentine (I could definitely see the boy bestowing that on his current teacher) with the declaration of "like" valentine in a close third.

so pickmepickmepickme! I mean randomly, of course.


Looking for Me?

I will be at the Charlottesville Holiday Market selling my delightful children's clothing and accesspries beginning this Saturday Nov 22 from 10-5.

We vendors will be at the end near the Pavillion.

I hope to be there most Saturdays, but sometimes it just isn't possible - you can check here for updates, or email me if you have questions.

Stop by and say hi!